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About this Journal
We are Sin'dorei.
We ride forth from our shattered homeland of Eversong Woods
to visit upon the Alliance the debt they owe
for abandoning us in our hour of greatest need.
We accept only blood as payment.
We are Sin'dorei and we will have our due.

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Dec. 20th, 2009 @ 02:23 am An offtopic post. Superglue fun!
“Close-up of teh superglood hoo-hoo experiment. After the novelty of the 'ol clit-in-the-breeze trick passed, we slowly realized (to my great fascination, and her greater sadness) that we'd accidentally invented a sort of biological fiberglass. As it turns out, the hair winds up acting as a fibrous reinforcing substrate for the glue, which in turn acts as the resin. See, just like with real fiberglass, while the adhesive itself is remarkably strong in compressive loading but relatively weak in tensile strength, the pubic fibers have a pretty high tensile strength while giving hardly any resistance versus compression stress at all. It's actually a beautifully harmonious relationship between the two materials since each one finds its weaknesses reinforced by the others' perfectly converse strengths. The result is a single polymer that's far stronger than the sum of the two individual components. Anyways, once I dragged my brain-meat away from admiring the sublime buddha nature of the improvised anatomical polymer, I began the messy process of attempting to vitiate the bond by inundating it with acetone applied using a syringe, acetone being the well-known standard choice for releasing common household superglue. It quickly became clear, however, that the fibrous properties of the newly created material were quite effectively negating the solvent's usual chemical leverage. We assessed the dilemma, and surmised that we'd likely have to forcibly cut, pry, and shave her labia free of the substrate with an exacto-knife. The only other option was to simply resign to temporarily living with the huge, gluey chunks of matted hair that were heavily encrusting her outer labia with a pair of jagged, whiteish, cyanoacrylatic armor plates flanking her entire cunt. My guess was that they would probably last a couple of days, give or take, as the mass slowly crumbled and loosened. They looked incredibly abrasive to any penile objects that might attempt to penetrate the now well protected orifice they surrounded though, so that simply wasn't going to do. So, we moved forward from there with plan-b and a nice fresh exacto blade. Ultimately, the laceration injuries incurred during the arduous and messy reclamation of the mummified hoo-hoo lips wound up being relatively minor, thanks to babygirl's nerves of steel. Without reservation, I'll give it up for Whim right-proper like. It's hard not to be proud when your girl's as tough as she keeps turning out to be. She took it all like a champ and hardly said a word! Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure superglood cunt version 2.0 is gonna be preceded by a leedle bit-o-waxin', just for good measure. You live, you learn. Yanno?” – CycleH

And a comment from the poster later in their picture thread:

CycleH commented 9 Days Ago:

"Aren't all women supposed to be waxed at all times anyway?"

I dunno about all of them, but Ike Turner's ex up there has definitely gotten out of hand.

lol. Nah, really I'm just kidding... kinda.

She actually used to be shaved squeaky clean when we met, but that shit would turn into 60 grit sandpaper in 2 days flat. The optimum non-frictive window was pretty short, so we quit with the shaving. The friction blisters just plain hurt, and by my logic at the time, pubes are nature's gym mat.

After a while, one day we tried waxing just for fun, which works pretty good, even though it definitely has it's own bag of trickiness to it. We kept at it though. At least, for a while...

Ultimately, I'm afraid I have to take a fair amount of responsibility for the brunette jungle you see up there, though. That crop sprung up while I was working out on the road for a little over a month. Apparently, it's all animal crackers, Harry Potter, lime jell-o, and pubic sharecropping while daddy's away.

Tonight, genital deforestation is at the top of a very short activities list.


That was a joke, btw.

CycleH commented 8 Days Ago:

"What is your profession and training?"

Well, let me see. I just know I have a copy of my resume' around here somewhere... Ah, ok here we go. Well then:

Entertainment industry technical contractor - 18 years

Custom fabricator - 15 years.

Motorcycle mechanic (hobbyist) - 11 years.

Welder - 10 years.

Downhill/Freeride/Road bicycle mechanic - 4 years.

Machinist/Industrial coatings applier - 3 years.

AP chemistry student - 2 years.

General all-around fucking genius - 34 years.

"you could be in for a MUCH more difficult situation with nothing to cut away and release, if you really let it harden and bond"

You mean like how cyanoacrylate (aka common superglue) does in a slightly flexible period of time that is usually measured in seconds, and perhaps in some situations minutes if poorly vented on or within the adhered surface?

Now granted, technically a full cure can take up to 2 hours, but the hardness of the material increases very nominally after the initial minute or so. The only two changes in it's properties are: 1. after that initial setting are the absolute cessation of the base solvent gassing off on an extremely minute level. 2. The subsequently totally waterproof state gained, which has almost no effect on it's reaction to any solvent, but instead only negates the reaction that the adhesive has to water. Which is, in fact, that it causes it to instantly harden.

"Seriously.. Be CAREFUL, and get some stronger solvents."

Oh, i are serious guy. Dis iz serious glooo!

So you mean careful as in like opting for nitromethane? Or methylene chloride? Both astronomically toxic? You mean that kind of careful?

I think I like my kind of careful better. Acetone is the strongest applicable solvent that's really ok to use on human tissue. Unless you're into guaranteed brain tissue death and a slight risk of respiratory arrest.

I suppose gamma butyrolactone is relatively harmless, but less effective than acetone, and really difficult to find for the average consumer. Ergo, there's really no good reason to choose it.

"Check out some beauty supply stores, building supply places for de-gloo stuff, or even you could make your own."

Well, I'll give the benefit of the doubt I guess. Two of those suggestions aren't completely dumb, since the acetone you get at the beauty supply is identical to the acetone you get at home depot. And as far as the third brilliant idea, I shudder to think what kinds of stuff you're cooking up in your garage with your copy of "cooking up methyl ethyl keytone for dummies" from barnes & noble.

Admittedly, Whim's head falled right off a few times, and she even dieded once or twice, but a little duck tape, a bit of monofilament, and she was good as new again :)

"I've done a few projects..."

Uh huh. Clearly.

Aw man, now look what ya did. You re-dorked my thread back up! Now what?!

Ooooh, I know...


Hooray for pussy!

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Jul. 20th, 2008 @ 10:34 am OOC Update
Jamuna is at level 14. Enchanting is 104 and tailoring 113.
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Mar. 10th, 2007 @ 03:22 pm [OOC] Tanknubadin Macros
Outlook: artisticartistic
Songs: Stealing Fat -- The Dust Brothers, Fight Club OST
Tags: , ,
Here are a couple of macro's I wrote up to make my life a Tanknubadin even easier. Though Tanknubadin isn't quiet as exciting (quite boring really) since you're not doing the stance-dance-revolution you are normally doing as a Warrior and certainly don't have as many pretty options to chose from to make your target's life very short indeed.

Bring the Light:
/castsequence reset=target/combat Seal of Righteousness, Judgement, Seal of Light, Judgement, Seal of Light, Judgement, Seal of Light, Judgement;

Crusading Fury:
/castsequence reset=target/combat Seal of the Crusader, Judgement, Seal of Righteousness, Judgement, Seal of Righteousness, Judgement, Seal of Righteousness, Judgement;

Justice for All:
/castsequence reset=target/combat Seal of Justice, Judgement;
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Kyrene Autumnsong
Feb. 1st, 2007 @ 04:04 pm [OOC] We are Sin'dorei
Outlook: ecstaticecstatic
Welcome -- This is the first, hopefully of many, post to the new community concerning the Eversong Outriders on the Steamwheedle Cartel server. We are a family-friendly group of mature players, seeking fun and enjoying lite-RP on the side.

As you can see I will be using [OOC] and [IC] tags to differentiate between "Out of Character" comments such as this and "In Character" comments/stories that take place from the perspective of the characters involved. You are not required to participate in IC posts unless you wish to interact in an in character fashion. Steamwheedle is a Role-playing server first and foremost and I would like to try and do some role-playing for pure enjoyment's sake, but you are in no danger of losing your status in the guild if you chose to simply play at your leisure and never-ever immerse yourself in anything role-play related. We're all here to have fun and help out where we can. Again, welcome.

Now let's kill some Alliance scum!!!
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Kyrene Autumnsong